Best Travel Destinations for Beach Lovers

Best Travel Destinations for Beach Lovers

Nothing beats the excitement and thrill of a beach vacation. No matter whether you go there alone, or with your friends and family, you always enjoy yourself to the fullest thanks to the elating sensation of warm sand between your toes and the sweet sound of the waves along with a salty sea breeze touching your skin now and then.

There are so many options when it comes to beach destinations each offering something unique and special. This makes it hard for you to decide which beach to visit for your next vacation.

model on dubai beach in Mawkini Bikini

But don’t worry since in this article we are going to share with you some of the best dream destinations that beach lovers adore.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top travel destinations that beach lovers can explore to have endless fun.

  • Al Mamzar Beach Park, Dubai

This beach is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai best suited for families and large groups. This luxurious beach is a bit high-end, but the amenities that you get here are worth the money. You get space for playing beach volleyball, barbecue pits, and other beach activities that you can do here. 

model in Mawkini Bikini on Al Mamzar Beach Dubai

Although the temperatures on this beach get quite high, it is a perfect option for getting a tan in your favorite swimwear. And on the days when the temperature gets hot, the beach is open for night swimming as well. 

  • White Beach, Dubai

White Beach is a private beach club in Dubai with premium amenities and benefits for its members. This beach is located near the artificial Palm Jumeirah Island. This beach has an infinity pool perfect for taking selfies. The excellent customer service on this beach ensures maximum comfort for you as you enjoy the view. 

Model in Blue Mawkini Bikini on White Beach Dubai

This beach is open throughout the day and the restaurants here stay open into the night as well. So, whether you want to engage in beach activities or just want to relax wearing your stylish swimwear, this beach would be the ideal space for you in Dubai.  

  • Maldives

Located in the southwest of Sri Lanka and India, this tropical paradise has no match in terms of beauty and aesthetics.  This archipelago is made up of about 1,000 coral islands that contain pristine, white sandy beaches likes of which you seldom find anywhere else.

Maldives Beach

The marine biodiversity of these islands is truly amazing. It has sea turtles, tropical fish, and even whales and sharks. If you are a diver, you can enjoy the awe-inspiring coral reefs and interact with myriads of marine animals. So, choose this destination to have the time of your life.       

  • Hawaii, United States

Hawaii is situated in the Central Pacific Ocean and is made up of eight main islands. Each of these islands has something unique to offer in terms of beauty, culture, and natural sights.

Hawaii Beach

Some of the most famous beaches in Hawaii include Waikiki, Kaanapali, and Wailea. These mesmerizing destinations come with an iconic stretch of sand, crystal clear waters, and ginormous green mountains in the background that make the landscape of these beaches even more thrilling. 

  • Phuket, Thailand

This destination can be found in southern Thailand and it is often associated with calming tropical weather, lively nightlife, pristine waters, and a collection of exotic beaches.

women on Phuket Beach

The most famous beaches to explore in this region are Patong, Kata, and Karon. These beaches offer bars, souvenir shops, restaurants, and many other activities for you to enjoy such as surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Some other scenic locations near these beaches include Phi Phi Islands, Similan Island, and James Bond Island which are all pleasantly unique in their own way.   

  • Cancun, Mexico

The beaches in Cancun are known for their powdery white sand and dazzling turquoise crystal-clear blue waters. These beaches stretch for miles giving tourists numerous opportunities to swim, relax, and enjoy various water activities like scuba diving, surfing, etc.

women kayaking in Cancun, Mexico

You can explore a wide range of restaurants, hotels, and bars along these beaches and truly experience the local culture.    

  • Gold Coast, Australia

These beaches are famous for their lovely ambiance, perfect surfing waves, and golden sand which give it the most natural vibe. This beach is host to the top-class surfing destinations that are known throughout the world. No matter whether you love to swim or sunbathe, or you like beach volleyball or simple strolls around the waterfront, you can enjoy all of these activities on Gold Coast beaches.

gold coast, Australia

You can also visit several coastal parks along the beaches and take part in activities like hiking, picnics, and other beach sports.

  • Miami, United States

The beaches in Miami have no match when it comes to cultural diversity, marine biodiversity, and glamour. These beaches are adorned with golden sand, palm trees, and crystal blue water. 

You can try water sports like surfing, kayaking, and parasailing on these beaches. No matter whether you are visiting these beaches with your family, friends, or a lover, there are fun activities for everyone to enjoy.

Miami Beach

You can visit South Beach to enjoy modernity, upscale hotels and restaurants, and iconic architecture.  If you are visiting with family and children, you can try Crandon Park Beach which offers playgrounds, barbecue spots, and other family recreation areas. 

  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is considered the dream destination for beach lovers for its diverse marine life, delicious Polynesian cuisines, iconic overwater bungalows, and pristine turquoise waters.

women kayaking in Bora Bora

This beach is a combination of luxury and untainted natural beauty. This beach gives you a mesmerizing view of the lagoon with the majestic mountain Otemanu in the background which adds more flavor to the overall ambiance.      

  • Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its amazing biodiversity, enchanting tropical landscapes, and an exceptional range of beaches. Its beaches especially Manual and Antonio are known for their lush setting and the variety of wildlife. 

Costa Rica Beach

You can visit Santa Teresa if you are looking to enjoy world-class surf waves or if you love seeing waterfalls in all their glory, you can go to Montezuma. Beaches in Costa Rica all have luxury resorts for you to relax and a wide range of beach activities that you can try solo or as a group.

  • Seychelles

Seychelles is famous for its turquoise water, white sandy beaches, amazing rock formations, and natural pools. Anse Lazio and Anse d’Argent are the most famous beaches in this region for their amazing tapestry of white sand and palm trees that blend well with the turquoise water giving you a uniform and visually pleasing view. 

Seychelles Beach

So, pack your beach swimsuits and spend your next vacation in Seychelles to have the time of your life.

  • Zanzibar, Tanzania

These beaches are considered a true seaside paradise for their unmatched exotic aesthetics, dazzling white and golden sand, crystal-clear waters, and palm trees that stretch straight toward the sea.

Zanzibar Beach

The water on this beach is great for snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, and parasailing. There are fishing villages along these beaches which you can visit to experience the local culture to the fullest. The sunset view on these beaches is a real treat to watch and combine these with a range of luxury resorts and hotels and you get a perfect beach destination to enjoy with the people you love. 


The beaches we have selected here are all unique in their own way. With majestic mountains, delicious seafood, and a rich tapestry of cultures all of these destinations offer lead to an unforgettable experience.

For all beach lovers who wish to spend their free time soaking up the sun and splashing in the waves, these beach destinations are perfect since they allow you to forget all your worries and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Model in Mawkini Bikini on Dubai Beach

So, explore these beautiful, nature-rich, and stunning beach destinations if you wish to get your money’s worth and have the most memorable experience ever.    

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