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Ultimate Swimwear Buying Guide

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Buying the right swimwear is not as simple and easy as it sounds. There are so many options available and so many factors to consider that you sometimes end up feeling confused and making a wrong choice.

If you are looking to get a beach-ready look at all times, you will need to find the perfect swimwear that not only fits the shape of your body but also gives you style and elegance.

Two models wearing Mawkini Bikinis

In this article, we will share with you some key insights that can help you buy the perfect swimwear. With this information, you will find it easy to purchase a swimsuit that makes you stand out and is comfortable to wear.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the main things to consider when buying a swimwear

1. Consider Your Body Type

Your top priority should be to choose a swimsuit that flatters your figure. Knowing the type of your body can help you save so much time that you spend trying countless swimsuits. 

Here are a few common body types and the swimwear that they can go for:

  • Apple Shaped

In this case, your body bears more weight in the center. You can go for one-piece swimsuits that come with shirring, ruching, and pleated fabric that help smooth out your lower abdomen. You can also go for vintage-style swimsuits, high-waisted bottoms, or peplum tops to hide your muffin top.   

  • Full Bust

If you have bigger breasts then you will need to consider swimsuits that offer considerable top support. You need to look for suits that give you molded cups, underwires, built-in bras, and boning to cope with this issue. 

  • Straight Figure

If your body is built straight with very little breast and behind, you can go with Bikini tops and two pieces to help break up the straight contours of your figure. To give your smaller breasts a curvy appearance, you can go for less-coverage triangle tops. Another option is the use of frills, ties, and ruffles that can make your bottom and breasts appear bulky and curvy.

  • Pear-Shaped

In this particular body shape, you are slim from the top and have slightly curvy thighs and hips. Women with such bodies can go for ornate and unusually cut tops that bring more focus to the upper part of their bodies. If you are looking for a suit with more covering you can go with a miniskirt that can cover the widest areas of your thigh.   

2. Match the Suit with Your Skin Tone

It is very important to wear colors that complement your skin tone. There are certain colors that look more pleasant on certain skin tones and knowing that can help narrow down your options.

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Here are some common skin tones and the colors you can wear with these

  • Pale Skin

You can go for pastel colors like blues and purples if you have light skin. These colors will highlight your features even further making you stand out from the crowd. Very dark colors like black and brown do not blend well with this skin tone and should be avoided if possible.

  • Medium or Olive Skin

For this type of skin tone, Earthy colors like khaki, nude, beige, and deep red are the most suitable choices. 

  • Dark Skin

Blue, white, pink, and other bright colors look extremely wonderful on people with dark skin. Moreover, khaki and nude colors also work well with this skin tone. When choosing colors for this skin tone go for the ones that contrast to the color of your hair and eyes for the best effects. 

3. Style of the Swimwear

The style of the swimwear also matters when buying this item. Here are a few tips that you can use to find the right style of swimwear for yourself:

  • You can go with a one-piece swimwear if you are not comfortable exposing your body and want full coverage.
  •  If you have no trouble baring your midsection and you want more freedom to move, you can choose bikini bottoms and tops.
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  • If you are looking for a more modest two-piece swimwear, you can choose a tankini. These are available in different lengths and you can choose based on the amount of skin that you feel comfortable exposing.

4. Choose the Right Size

You should only choose a swimsuit that fits you completely and is neither too large nor too small. Look for a suit that is snug but doesn’t feel uncomfortable. To find the right size swimwear, first, you will need to measure your hips, waist, and bust. After that, you can refer to the size chart given on the website and by comparing the numbers choose a suit that is perfectly fit for your body.

5. Select the Right Cut

For the bottom of your swimsuit, you can choose higher cuts, cheeky, or ones that cover more based on your preference. Some people also prefer high rise, or lower-rise cuts to accentuate certain body parts. For tops, you can go with wide straps, triangle bikinis, V-neck, push-up bras, and bralette cuts. The choice of the right cut can make all the difference in the way your beach body looks and that is why you need to be careful in this regard.

6. Comfort and Support

The comfort and support that you get from your swimwear are also important factors to consider. For example, if cup size D fits you best, then it is better to pick a swimsuit that uses bra size instead of standard dress size for the measurement.

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Standard-size tankinis, bikinis, and swimsuits do not look after your busts that well, and that can create discomfort. So, always select swimsuits that give your entire body comfort and support to have a much better beach experience.


Anyone can pull off a swimsuit if they just know how to pick one that is right for their body shape and is unique in style. Just remember, no matter what swimsuit you choose for your beach day, wear it with confidence and a big smile on your face and you will be unstoppable.

Just make sure to consider the shape and skin tone of your body and then pick a swimsuit that enhances your looks without sacrificing comfort.

Visit Mawkini to explore a wide variety of swimsuits for all body types to make you feel gorgeous and confident on your upcoming beach days.